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The system uses 3-tier architecture.

First tier

The first tier is the presentation layer, in our case web browser, that is responsible for the display of contents. Web browser is used for accessing Administration and Expert portals, as well as Wiki site.


Middle Tier

The middle tier is highly scalable and customizable component of the system. It provides access to the database according to business requirements.

Server Architecture
The middle tier is composed of the following parts:

Plug-in modules are loosely coupled components, maintained and updated independently from each other. The components are system units implementing specific system functionality such us integration with specific third party legacy system or implementing specific portal feature / module.
The plug-ins can be added / removed from the system or specific area by system administrators making the system very agile.
All plug-ins implement standardized Plug-in Module Communication Interface used for
interaction with portal application and Standardized Web Service methods exposing data gathered by the module for third party components. Each plug-in implementation follows predefined and optimized rules / steps.

Plug-in Module

Standardized Web Service interface exposes data gathered by the system. The web services are utilized by system subscribers.

Plug-in module communication interface is an abstract layer connecting plug-in modules with portal application. It tells portal application how the plug-in should be used: interface layout, metadata information, data access details

Portal Application is composed of:


Database Tier

This layer is composed of one or more ANSI SQL RDBMS.