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CWS is building a software information platform to aggregate all relevant data around lake, water and water-shed management. Our cloud-computing database structure will combine and aggregate all information around water management which now exists in stand-alone silos. We will provide pertinent data around water management including: scientific analysis, research and studies, historical data, source conditions, trends, tools and solutions.

By creating such a platform governments and researchers can more effectively manage our water resources and resolve problems such as pollution; aggregate contamination; agricultural runoff; septic leakage; unnatural flora and fauna growth; quality and drinkability and potability. The idea is to centralize all the relevant information and data-warehouse it, generating information to end-users through various reporting formats based on enquiries which use complex search terms or data relationships. The platform will integrate with existing GIS and database systems, turning the silos of information into a seamless platform.

We plan to release a Mandarin version with Chinese partners and are interested in working with Institutions in China who have an interest and knowledge in Water-related matters.